Jane says "I always found my escape in words on a page for as long as I can remember, whether it is expressing how I feel, playing with ideas or letting my imaganation take me away. I don't think i had a difficult life, but i certainly had my fair share of challenges and for a long time i thought i had to be a tortured artist, to be a good artist".

Jane immigrated from New Zealand when she was three years old from Holland, and says jokingly she was brought up by an averagly disfunctional family, which she refers to as being very double-dutch or 'little holland' (a play on little Britain) by parents who tried their best, and who she loves dearly.

Today Jane is 41 years old, happily married, a mother to two beautiful teenage children, a successful business owner, yoga teacher and a happy artist. Jane says she is fortunate for this to be an obsesive hobbie, and not something that she has to make money doing and will continue to write and create until she "pop her clogs"  And that is purely because writing and creating books allows her to be completely free to be herself.  She hopes by being so open she can pass on some of that freedom to others...if at the very least she can teach her children that ...she will be acclompished. 

In 2010 Jane changed her alias from Jane U to Mama Who, "it was for many reasons, for starters U was a hard thing for people to find when looking for my book Janeinside.  So there was a practicality of it, Mama Who was more fun, and felt more of who i was, as being a Mother is by far the most important thing i do, and yet soceity somehow be-littles the job of a Mother?  So it has a strong message...and being a poet it was a bonus that it rhymed with her last one.  I don't take what i don't have to, too seriously".

Janes focus as an artist is an interest in breaking rules or challenging pradigms, creating different ideas and having fun working with other artists in create new things.